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Rudloe Stoves  do not sell on the internet, stoves need to be carefully chosen to ensure that they don’t get you too hot, or not hot enough. Stoves vary in quality and feel, so you need to see them, touch them, work the controls, open the doors and get a full feel of how the stove is going to work. The look and feel of a stove can not be judged solely from a brochure, or photograph. The best way to chose the right stove for you is to visit our showroom in Corsham, where we have a full range on display, 6 of which can be lit. To help chose your stove it would be helpful if you know the size of your room and the size of your fireplace, photographs would also be useful. We can then give you a short list of suitable stoves to chose from. 

Only the best


At Rudloe Stoves we have made the decision to focus all our energy on selling products that we completely trust, are manufactured locally and instill the same values that we do. This is why we now only sell Clearview Stoves.

Family Business

Clearview 650 wood burning stove with high canopy

 We can organise HETAS installers to modify or build fireplaces, fit chimney liners to existing chimneys, build Stainless Steel chimney systems where there is currently no chimney. They all take a great deal of pride in their work and will work cleanly and efficiently, using dust sheets and rubber mats to protect your house. They will take away all rubbish and try to leave the house as tidy as they found it. 

Rudloe Blog

Parnacott House

 John Vowler inherited Parnacott House, but it was in need of extensive renovation. The house has been in his family for over 500 years and in a labour of love John has restored it to a warm, comfortable and elegant house once more...thanks in no small part to his Clearview. 

Talton Farm

 Mark Holberton has lived on his small farm all his life. In this film he reflects on the changes he has seen over the years, his favourite time of the year and how, at the end of a long hard day - there's nothing like relaxing in front of his Clearview. 

A valuable lesson

 James Garnett of Clearview Stoves shows how easy it is to light and control a Clearview Stove. This demonstration is filmed at Dinham House, Ludlow. 

Stoneworks of Bath and Rudloe Stoves

Red hot embers of an open fire

Showroom and display

Our showroom at Corsham, near Bath, displays the full range of Natural stone fireplaces and wood burners in situ.  You can see live fires ranging from 5  to 14 kW under fire.  Call 01225 811934 for an appointment to visit. 

Stoneworks of Bath Ltd

Working with our stove company, the design skills and experience Stoneworks has acquired since specialising in natural Bath limestone fire surrounds in 1985 has made us the first choice with many leading interior designers and architects. 

Fireplace Sale On Now

November 2019

If you are in the middle of a renovation project and need weathered building stone or walling stone, we have stock. 

We are also delighted to offer a selection of reduced price fireplaces throughout the year. The fireplace surrounds are currently in stock and can be delivered within one week.
Call us for advice on any of our sale items on:

T: 01225 811934 or email hello@rudloestoves.com

Current deals in stone fireplaces

September  2019

For as little as £200 you can pick up a stone fireplace from our yard. Traditional or contemporary designs, visit and chose a fine chimney piece. 



Wood - Logs

The quality of logs you are burning will have a major impact on how well your new stove will perform. Poorly seasoned logs will not burn well and will often cause the glass to smoke up and the chimney to tar up, increasing the risk of chimney fires. You will also burn many more logs, as energy is wasted in driving off the moisture in the logs.

You can buy kiln dried logs from us by the bag or pallet, alternatively you can buy logs from a local supplier, generally these logs will require seasoning to get the best results.

Wood - Seasoning

To season logs they should be cut to length, split to about 4" / 100mm across and stored under cover where the sun and wind can get at them. A closed shed, or garage will not give the desired results.

You can burn most logs, but hard woods such as Oak will take several years to season properly, whereas Ash or Beech can be seasoned within one good summer.


At Rudloe Stoves we go to great lengths to ensure that your stove is installed as safely as possible, but stoves run extremely hot and you need to fit a suitable guard if there are children present. You will also have to make sure that flammable items such as logs and soft furnishings are not kept too close to the stove.

Some stoves will require an Air Vent, this should never be blocked.

How often should I sweep my chimney?

Your chimney should be swept at least once a year. Even if it has been fitted with a liner. Your chimney sweep should be registered with NACS, Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, or Association of Professional and Independent Chimney Sweeps and they should be able to service your stove at the same time.

Do I require a Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

YES, a Carbon Monoxide Alarm will be fitted at installation. The alarm will have a seven year battery life and should be tested by you every month.

Lighting the fire for the first time!

During the first burn you will get a strong smell from the paint on the stove and flue pipe, you may see visible smoke which can even set off smoke alarms.

The smell and smoke from the first lighting is unpleasant, but is non toxic. Before you light your stove for the first time you should close the doors to the rest of the house and open the windows in the room.

To light the fire you will need paper, or some other form of fire lighters, kindling and seasoned logs.

Generally stoves have a control for the primary air (under grate) and a control for the air wash (secondary). When lighting your stove both should be fully open, and some stoves will need for the door to be left slightly open as well.

Lightly scrunch up the paper and place it in the stove (or you can use firelighters) loosely stack kindling over the paper and light.

As the fire gets going and is burning well, you can now shut the door and when the fire is well established start by adding about three logs, as the logs begin to burn well progressively close first the lower air control and when the fire is burning hot (the thermometer, if suitable for your fire, is in the gold zone) close the secondary air vent to about 25%.

Run your fire so there is always a bright glowing fire with flames, if you try to run your stove at a low temperature the glass will smoke up (blacken) and will not burn efficiently.

Once the fire begins to burn down add more logs, if they don't catch within a minute or so, open the air control briefly to get them going again.

A thermometer will give a good indication of the burn .

Cleaning your Stove

To keep the stove surface clean you should follow the manufacturers instructions and guides, but usually a soft brush works well.

To clean the glass of your stove you can polish it with newspaper, if that doesn't work try wet newspaper, or a cloth dipped in ash to make a paste, then polish the glass again with a dry newspaper. For more stubborn deposits we can supply you with chemical cleaners.

When burning wood, the ash should be removed either with the ash pan, or a shovel when it interferes with the loading of the logs. normally between one and four weeks between empties. Always leave at least 1" (25mm) of ash over the grate or base of the stove.

When burning solid fuel the ash will need to be emptied every day.

Enjoy your stove and if you have any further questions please give us a call.

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